Telco & Cable

The virtual environment enables telecommunication companies to improve customer experience, generate additional revenue from related services, and enhance operational efficiency.

Why Immersion X?

By integrating Immersion X’s expertise, telcos can deliver immersive and interactive experiences to their customers.

These experiences also open up opportunities for telcos to monetize their investments through the introduction of adjacent services, such as virtual events, virtual meetings, or virtual reality content

Virtual Events and Conferences

Telcos can host virtual events and conferences using Immersion X’s immersive technology.

  • Conference spaces.
  • Networking tools.
  • Remote access to content.

Virtual Collaboration and Remote Work

Immersion X can enable telcos to offer virtual collaboration platforms and enhance remote work environments.

  • Virtual workspace.
  • Real-time communication tools.
  • Interactive whiteboards.

Remote Access

Immersion X can enable telcos to provide remote access to physical locations.

  • Access to restricted areas.
  • Remote troubleshooting equipment.
  • Virtual on-site visits.

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