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As the metaverse becomes more popular, tech companies are integrating work, learning, and shopping operations to enable employees and customers to interact in unprecedented ways within a virtual world.

Why Immersion X?

Immersion X offers comprehensive solutions and expertise, empowering tech companies to create compelling virtual experiences.

It can enhance collaboration and productivity, optimise training and learning initiatives, and unlock new possibilities for engaging with customers and employees.

Virtual R & D

Immersion X can support virtual innovation labs and research and development initiatives.

  • Virtual environments for collaborative creativity.
  • Cross-functional innovation.
  • Virtual Labs.

Virtual Prototyping

Immersion X’s solutions enable tech companies to showcase software products or prototypes in virtual environments.

  • 3D product display.
  • Software interaction.
  • Immersive functionalities.

Virtual Software Testing

Immersion X can create virtual testing environments before launching the product in the market.

  • Simulated testing scenarios
  • Remote collaboration.
  • Remote tools for bug testing.

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