HR & Recruitment

Metaverse is the future of a more authentic remote work experience for HR and recruitment where individuals can be replaced by digital avatars.

Why Immersion X?

Through Immersion X HR and recruitment can bridge the geographical gaps and engage in a better hiring experience

It can offer unique benefits such as enhanced candidate assessments, immersive onboarding experiences, virtual career fairs, and streamlined talent management processes.

Remote Hiring

Immersion X’s immersive technologies enable virtual interviews for remote hiring processes.

  • Augmented candidate presence.
  • Remote interview space
  • Virtual tours.

Immersive Candidate Assessments

Immersion X can allow HR professionals to evaluate candidates in realistic virtual scenarios.

  • Interactive activities.
  • Tools for situational response recording.
  • Immersive skill assessment.

Virtual Training

Immersion X’s solutions enable immersive virtual training and professional development programs.

  • Virtual workshops.
  • Augmented skill-development course.
  • Interactive training sessions.

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